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About me


Master of Arts in Political Science (major), Spanish and American studies (minors)

Major field of study: Latin-American and Development Cooperation

Educational journeys to Spain, Cuba, England, Mexico, Peru and Chile

2000 graduation as a certified translator for Spanish

Appointment as a sworn translator for Spanish, Higher Regional Court, Frankfurt

2004-2006 various translation courses (distances studies) at New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies, source language: German, target language: English

10 years of experience as a sworn translator and interpreter for Spanish-German/German-Spanish and as a specialized translator for English-German/German-English

2016 graduation as a certified interpreter for Spanish

2016 Appointment as a sworn interpreter for Spanish, Higher Regional Court, Frankfurt

Translation of Poetry, Fiction and Technical Literature:

Carlos Jesús Castillejos: Der Ursprung der Schlange. VetH-Verlag, 2009, translated from Spanish to German

Texts from Carlos Rojas Olivos and Javier Rosenberg, members of the Frankfurt based workshop of young Spanish-language authors „Dámaso y los demás“ (www.damasodemas.blogspot.com). In this context, participation in different readings and 2010 presentation in Frankfurt book fair. Several of these stories were published in the following volume of short stories: Dámaso y los demás: No te va a doler / Es tut gar nicht weh (bilingual). ABRAZOS, 2011. Translated from Spanish to German.

Jayadev (Boris Jaerschky): Der Weg mitten ins Jetzt. Aufstieg zum Himalayabewusstsein. Original title: From Now into the ETERNAL NOW. A Guide to Himalayan Awareness. Veth-Verlag, 2014.

Klaus D. Wagner. Die Karolus Magnus Trilogie. Band I - Waldo - Der Priester Karls des Großen. Band II - Gotzbert - Der Schreiber Karls des Großen. Band III - Karolus - Das Leben Karls des Großen. Original title: The Charlemagne Trilogy - Waldo - Charlemagne's Christian Adviser, Godsbert - Charlemagne's Scribe, Karolus - Charlemagne's Life. To be published soon. Translated from English to German.

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